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Check your USB for errors

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H2testw is a simple and easy to use program designed to enable you to test USB sticks for various kinds of errors . It can also be used for any other storage media like memory cards , internal and external hard drives and even network volumes .

If the stick, you just want to save data to really heal? Comes the somewhat dated system really cope with large hard drives? H2testw describes the selected disk with test data , then re-read this and checked it. If this causes no error, is not expected to capacity-related problems.

This H2testw is also suitable for detection of manipulated USB sticks with wrong size specified as 2008 in large numbers came on the market.

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Please note that H2testw 1.4 may only work properly on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8. H2testw is listed from SoftwareKnow and available for free download. Free download does not mean this software is free, you may need to buy to use. SoftwareKnow does not supply serial numbers, crack or keygen, please directly consult program's developer for any issued problems with H2testw.

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#1 By: moshe | 7.12.2013 21:42:20

Does not run on win8.The date of the file is much earlier than the win8 show up

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